What are the 2 basic steps that UNT must follow to be in compliance with FERPA?

  1. Notify current students annually in writing of their rights under FERPA.
    • Right to seek amendment or correction of educational records
    • Right to have some control over the disclosure of information from education records except when release is permitted by law
    • Right to file complaints with the Family Policy Compliance Office, United States Department of Education, within 180 days of alleged violation
    • Since UNT has a policy of disclosing personally identifiable information to school officials:
      • The criteria for determining school officials
      • A description of what constitutes legitimate educational interest
  2. Grant access by students or parents, if applicable, to education records.
    • Students and former students have the right to inspect and review their education records through established procedures.
      • Within a maximum of 45 days after written request is received.
    • Institution or agency is not required to provide a copy of the education record unless failure to do so would deny access.
    • Records cannot be destroyed if request is pending.
    • Fee can be charged unless cost prohibits access.
    • Students and former students have the right to review records of request for disclosure of their personally identifiable information.
      • Institution needs to maintain records of request and make them available to students.
    • A record of disclosure is not required to document disclosure to:
      • a student or parent
      • a school official with a legitimate educational interest
      • an individual to whom the student provides written consent for disclosure
      • an individual providing a lawfully issued subpoena
      • an individual requesting directory information